Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. provides quality service, repair, and remodeling services to commercial facilities in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, Anthem, Seven Hills, and Lake Las Vegas.

Great Service Goes A Long Way

Providing great service is paramount in our long-term goal to be the best service, repair, remodel and builder, and supplier to commercial facilities in the Las Vegas Valley. We strive for perfection and providing repairs that last and function the way they were designed will keep Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. at the top of our clients list no matter what property or project they are working on.

Filter Repair

Whether you need cartridges, grids, sand, tank o rings, air bleed assemblies, or an entire filter replacement, we have you covered. We offer top of the line brands like Pentair, Sta-Rite, Hayward, and Jandy.

Pump Repair

Improper chemistry and UV rays from the sun break down pumps! Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. repairs and replaces them. We install seal kits, o rings, strainer lids, strainer baskets, diffuser, impeller, complete pumps, and re-plumb the threaded ports to eliminate air leaks and water leaks. We only use the best brands like: Pentair, Sta-Rite, Hayward and Jandy.

Motor Repair

In Las Vegas, where the heat can reach 115 or more in the shade; electrical motors can run well over 200 degrees. Unfortunately because of our climate, motors do not take the abuse for too long. Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. only installs NEW factory replacement motors. No rebuilt, rewound, or repainted used motor from someone else's property. We use A.O Smith and U.S. Motors for their reliability. A capacitor could be the first thing to go with a motor. If you have a motor that is not turning on, buzzing, screaming, throwing sparks, and smoke, turn it off at the breaker and contact us immediately. We will come out and assess the situation and get you back on track.

Heater Repair

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. can service, repair, or install a new natural gas, propane or electric pool, or spa heater for you. We prefer to use Raypak brand gas heaters because of the quality to cost ratio. They are easy to maintain, parts are readily available and they are rock solid reliable. If your heater, of any brand, is not working, contact us today. We can replace pressure switches, P.C. boards, ignition control modules, air blower assemblies, high limit switches, unitherm governors, internal bypass assemblies, roll out sensors, pilot assemblies, gas valves, burner trays, heat exchangers, pilot generators, thermocouples, and anything else you might come across.

Plumbing Repair

Does your plumbing leak? Are your valves becoming harder and harder to turn every year? If so, we can help. We can plumb entire systems with all new valves and fittings or just part of it. We can install multiport backwash valves, heater bypass lines, rebuild skimmer and main drain manifolds, and just about any other plumbing situation. Contact Fresh & Clear Pool Service today to get a free quote to upgrade or replace your plumbing or just address a small leak. No job is too small!!!

Do you have the old bullnose concrete coping stones around the edge of your pool or spa that are cracking, separating and lifting or spalling and become rough from years of enjoyment? We can install new coping stones of different materials or remove the coping stone altogether along with the concrete deck and install a new monolithic cantilever concrete deck with a bullnose edge. Contact us today to evaluate your situation!

Concrete Repair

Is your concrete deck in need of a refresh? We can repair slightly damaged texture or completely tear off all of your texture and install new texture, stamped concrete overlay, hand troweled texture overlay, or demo the entire deck and pour a new deck with a cantilever deck and finish the surface broom, salted, stamp, exposed aggregate, color through or texture finish. Spraydeck is the most common and cost-effective solution and is also the coolest on the feet in the hot summer. Contact us today for a quote!

Tile and Depth Markers

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. can replace all of your waterline tiles and replace faded depth markers. Have you been written up for faded depth markers? If so, you are in the danger zone for a liability lawsuit. Contact us today for a quote.

Non-Slip Deck Depth and Safety Markers

Your commercial property insurance may give a discount for installing non-slip depth markers and non-slip NO RUNNING and NO DIVING markers around your pool and spa. Contact us today for a quote!


Is your plaster in your commercial pool starting to look like the surface of the moon? Have you been written up by SNHD and given a time frame for compliance? No Problem, Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. can replace your plaster and make it look beautiful again with a very fast turnaround time. You have a few choices with new materials for the interior surface of your pool, spa, or water features such as white Bead-Crete or pastel light-colored Colored Quartz plaster. Quartz plaster is also available in white as an upgrade with a longer warranty as it stands up better to pH swing and heat.

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    Fresh and Clear is one of the best pool service companies I’ve ever used before. I called them out to give me a free quote…. I was ready to replace my pool heater and the tech said he could fix it. It would have been easier for them to charge me more and replace it than fix it….. But it was much better for me to get it fixed. Their office staff was also very helpful and answers the phone when you call. F&C=integrity and customer service.

    Dwight D. – VIA GOOGLE