As a former inspector with the Southern Nevada Health District, I have seen the effects of poor maintenance and care on a swimming pool, spa, or water feature. Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. strives to stay current with the new laws, inspector relations, inspection compliance, insurance, documentation, and communication.

Great Service Goes A Long Way

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. offers only top-notch commercial pool, spa, and water feature service at a competitive price. I hold an A-10 contractors license with the Nevada Contractors Board. Having this license ensures that any problem that may present itself on a commercial facility, we can be the first to get the job done right without any delay, from bidding the repair, pulling the permits, closing out the repair, and passing the final inspection. Check out some of our services below

Service Contracts

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. is a full-service company and takes pride in its commercial commitment and service abilities. Commercial service is our forte and growth priority. We offer service contracts in any required format for any budget: Chemical only, Service only, 2-day, 3-day, 5-day, 7 days, and 365-day including holidays. Contact us today by visiting our contact page or calling us at 702-856-0840 to set up a free site evaluation. We can work with any brand of chemical automation equipment and are familiar with automatic chemical feed control systems including ControloMatic, Prominent, CAT, Acu-Trol, StranTrol, BECS, Chemtrol, Ecolab, Aquasol, IPS, and Pentair IntelliChem systems.

Deck Cleaning

If your deck gets heavy use, we can set up a pressure washing schedule for your pool or spa deck. We can repair texture and paint decks as well. Contact us for more information.

Tile Cleaning with Glass Bead Blasting

We can remove the white calcium buildup from tile, coping, stone and waterfalls. We use Glass beads to remove the buildup. In a lot of cases, the heavy white buildup around the grout lines means that water is getting behind the tile. We can address this issue as well and locate and address areas where you may be missing grout. This may result in having to replace the tile altogether.

Pressure Washing

We pressure wash decks, walkways, and interior of pools, spa, and water features to remove tracks from foot traffic, food spills, and dirt and embedded dirt in plaster and grout. We can drain your pool, spa or water feature and pressure wash the interior to loosen dirt and algae without chemically stripping the surface layer of your plaster with muriatic acid. Stains and marks embedded in the plaster may not be able to be removed. See the next section on Acid washing for more information.

Acid Wash

Acid washing involves draining your pool, spa, or water feature and using muriatic acid to etch away the top surface layer of plaster to bring out a fresh white look. NOTE: This exposes more of the sand and aggregate in the plaster and the surface will become slightly rougher than the original. This is normal.

Filter Cleaning

Cartridge filters are cleaned and D.E. filters are backwashed when the filter pressure rises 8 to 10 PSI over clean start-up pressure. We offer an upgraded cartridge or grid cleaning service to degrease your cartridges or grids to help release the oils from suntan lotions and sunblock products for an additional charge.

SNHD Backflow Certification

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. can have your Pressure Vacuum Breakers or RPP backflow valves tested and certified for Southern Nevada Health District inspections.

VGB Virginia Graeme Baker Compliance

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. can determine if your pool or spa is in compliance with VGB. Many drain covers were changed out and were almost immediately recalled. Many drain covers need to have riser plates installed to become compliant. Contact us today for a site evaluation.

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    Fresh and Clear is one of the best pool service companies I’ve ever used before. I called them out to give me a free quote…. I was ready to replace my pool heater and the tech said he could fix it. It would have been easier for them to charge me more and replace it than fix it….. But it was much better for me to get it fixed. Their office staff was also very helpful and answers the phone when you call. F&C=integrity and customer service.

    Dwight D. – VIA GOOGLE