At Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc., we have been offering swimming pool and spa cleaning service, equipment repair, and remodeling work since 2002. Ken Green, President of Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc., has been working around swimming pools since 1995. As a former swim instructor and lifeguard for Clark County Parks and Recreation, Aquatic Facility Health Inspector with the Southern Nevada Health District, Ken has earned a reputation for excellence.

Mission Statement

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc.: To provide the best commercial and residential swimming pool, spa, and water feature cleaning, repair, and remodel service (s) at a price that is both competitive and fair. The long term is paramount in our growth plan. We can achieve this by spending the extra time to make the customer comfortable knowing that their investment is being cared for in the way we would want our own cared for. Only the best cleaning equipment and chemicals are used to ensure the safety and health of the users.

  • All of our service crew are certified through the Southern Nevada Health District.
  • We carry full workman’s compensation, commercial liability and are fully bonded.
  • As a whole, our team has over 100 years of pool experience at our disposal.
  • We own every piece of equipment we use and need to complete the job.


Many of us simply do not have the time to maintain a pool, spa, or water feature on a regular basis. We keep your pool, spa, and water feature Fresh & Clear and sanitized for you to enjoy on your time, saving you an inconvenient trip to the pool store to lug home gallons of acid, heavy buckets of chlorine tabs, and shock. The safety and peace of mind knowing that you do not have large amounts of dangerous chemicals sitting around that could potentially harm your children or pet(s) is priceless. Contact us today to start handling your pool, spa, or water feature. We service the Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley & Summerlin areas.


We maintain pools, spas, and water features for a living. Knowing what it takes to properly balance the water chemistry is crucial to protecting your family and your investment. Filters, pumps, heaters, and plaster can be very costly, and identifying problems early can potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

Cost Effective

We are able to buy our chemical in bulk which relates to savings for you. Yes, it will cost you a little more per month for us to service your pool or spa vs. you maintaining it yourself but the cost of time cannot be replaced or valued. 

License, Insurance, Bonding and Certified

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. is fully licensed through The Nevada State Contractors Board A10 #75244 and Southern Nevada Health District Company.

Give us a try and get back to enjoying your pool and spa without the hassles.