Providing Residential Service In Las Vegas

Most people in the Las Vegas Valley that own a swimming pool or spa have a hard time  going to work everyday, driving home from work in 115 degree weather, all to remember that they are out of chlorine tabs and that the wind was blowing 45 miles per hour over past few days. They get home and see that "Swamp Thing" has moved into their pool and killed the beautiful pristine blue water that once filled the backyard with a tranquil atmosphere. This is where Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. jumps in to save the summer.

Great Service Goes A Long Way

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. provides the best pool and spa services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley and Anthem because we use the best cleaning equipment, chemicals and a fully trained staff. Our service technicians are equipped with the  newest and best materials we can acquire which allow them to brush the walls and floor of your plaster, vacuum your pool or spa, clean your filter out to maintain optimum flow rate, keep you skimmer and pump baskets clean to keep your pump running quiet and most of all balance your chemistry to keep your equipment working for years to come and your water Fresh & Clear!

Some of our residential services include:

Pool Service

Our standard service agreements start at $125 per month. No Contract! Please contact us for a free site visit for a service quote. Our standard pool service includes: Vacuuming, brushing, cartridge cleaning as needed and standard chemistry balancing which includes, Chlorine, muriatic acid for pH and alkalinity control, Soda ash for pH control, Sodium Bicarbonate for alkalinity control. Other specialty chemical are an extra charge. Specialty chemicals include: Algaecides, scale inhibitors, sequestering agents, scents, clarifiers and floculants.

Green to Clean

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. has performed hundreds of Green to Clean services in Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Anthem and Summerlin. Fresh & Clear will come in and drain your pool, spa or water feature over night. The following morning we will pressure wash your pool, spa or water feature, clean your filter cartridges, skimmer and strainer baskets and begin filling your pool. Once your pool, spa or water feature is filled you can turn your pump back on and treat your pool with chemical. Better yet, contact us to handle the whole thing and service your pool on a routine basis.

Pool Draining

Fresh & Clear Pool Service Inc. recommends draining your pool, spa or water feature once per year. Cyanuric acid is a stabilizer that is built into the Trichlor tablets you use in your floating chlorinator. The stabilizer is basically a filler material and a UV protectant for the chlorine. Cyanuric acid does not come out of the water so the more tablets you use the higher the level becomes. High levels of cyanuric acid ( <50ppm > ) can cause damage to plumbing, plaster, heaters and metal fixtures inside the pool. Minerals also build up through water evaporation and can cause water balancing difficulties and algae control problems. Contact us today to test your water and schedule a pool, spa or water feature draining today! We serve Las Vegas Nevada, Henderson, Summerlin, Green Valley, Anthem, Red Rock, Southern Highlands. McDonald Ranch and North Las Vegas

Tile Cleaning

We can remove the white calcium buildup from tile, coping, stone and waterfalls. We use Glass bead to remove the buildup. In a lot of cases the heavy white buildup around the grout lines means that water is getting behind the tile. We can address this issue as well and locate and address areas where you may be missing grout.

Pressure Washing

We pressure wash decks and walkways to remove tracks from foot traffic, food spills and dirt. We can drain your pool, spa or water feature and pressure wash the interior to loosen dirt and algae without chemically stripping the surface layer of your plaster with muriatic acid. Stains and marks embedded in the plaster may not be able to be removed. See the next section on Acid washing for more information.

Acid wash

Acid washing involves draining your pool, spa or water feature and using muriatic acid to etch away the top surface layer of plaster to bring out a fresh white look. NOTE: This exposes more of the sand and aggregate in the plaster and the surface will become slightly rougher than the original. This is normal.

Filter Cleaning

Cartridge filters are cleaned on a routine basis or when the filter pressure raises 8 to 10 PSI over clean start up pressure with a service agreement. We offer an upgraded cartridge cleaning service to de-grease your cartridges to help release the oils from sun tan lotions and sunblock products for an additional charge.

Why Choose Us?


Many of us simply do not have the time to maintain a pool on a regular basis. We keep your pool/spa clear, clean and sanitized for you to enjoy on your time, saving you an inconvenient trip to the pool store to lug home gallons of acid, heavy buckets of chlorine tabs and shock. The safety and peace of mind knowing that you do not have large amounts of dangerous chemical sitting around that could potentially harm your children or pet(s) is priceless.


We maintain pools/spas for a living. Knowing what it takes to properly balance the water chemistry is crucial to protecting your family and your investment. Equipment can be very costly and identifying problems early can potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

Cost Effective

We are able to buy our chemical in bulk which relates to savings for you. Yes, it will cost you a little more per month for us to service your pool or spa vs. you maintaining it yourself but the cost of time cannot be replaced or valued. Give us a try and get back to enjoying your pool/spa without the hassles.

The Best In Customer Service

We're here for you when you need us.