Is it true that pools need to be drained?

Yes, buildup of stabilizer (cyanuric acid) can render the active chlorine in your pool ineffective. This allows algae, bacteria and viruses to thrive. We recommend draining your pool every year. Call us or submit a ticket to schedule a draining.

Where does cyanuric acid come from?

Cyanuric acid is a binding agent that is used in Tri-Chlor tablets. The only way to lower the level is by water replacement.

What is cyanuric acid?

The simplest explanation is it is used as a sunblock for the chlorine molecule. Cyanuric acid builds a chemical barrier around the chlorine molecule to help protect it from UV saving money on sanitizer. 40ppm is the recommended max. concentration.

If cyanuric acid helps save money on Chlorine, why do we have to drain our pool?

Good question, As I explained, the cyanuric acid builds a barrier around the chlorine molecule. Up to 40ppm concentration is ok but as you approach 100 ppm concentration the barrier of cyanuric acid has become so dense that it doesn't allow the chlorine molecule to do its job of burning (Oxidizing) organic wastes, bacteria, viruses and algae and keeping your pool or spa looking its best. Another thing to keep in mind is that it IS an ACID and concentrations in excess of 40ppm, damage can occur to heaters, plaster, underwater lights, pumps and filters. Submit a ticket to request a free consultation.

Do I have to drain the pool to replace the bulb and gasket in the underwater light?

In most cases no. However, if you have a light that does not have enough cabling inside the niche for the fixture to rest on the deck for a repair, draining your pool may be the only option. Call or submit a ticket for a free estimate.

Do you offer emergency service calls?

Yes, we offer emergency service calls. If you need service after hours or on a holiday. Submit a ticket and someone will contact you shortly.

Where in the Las Vegas Valley do you do work?

We work all over Clark County. We service, repair and remodel swimming pool (s), spa (s) and water feature service to customers in Red Rock, Summerlin, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Seven Hills, Anthem, Aliante, Southern Highlands, The Lakes, Peccole Ranch, Rhodes Ranch, Whitney Ranch, Downtown Las Vegas, The Las Vegas Strip and Lake Las Vegas by Lake Mead.

Do you work on heaters?

Yes, we work on all types of heaters from Millivolt with a pilot to Digital hot surface pilot-less ignition heaters by Raypak, Jandy, Teledyne Laars, Hayward and Pentair. Submit a ticket for more information.

Are you Insured?

Yes, We carrry full workman's compensation, commercial liability, a general umbrella policy and carry a bond.

What remodel work do you do?

We install Plaster, Pebble-tec, Bead-Crete and Quartz plaster. Resurface old tired decks with either new concrete slab cantilever or strip old texture down to bare concrete, apply new spray deck texture, stamped concrete or salted or even exposed aggregate surface. We install new waterline tile, coping, handrails, ADA lifts, VGB compliant main drain and equalizer line covers. pumps, filters, plumbing, lighting, underwater lights, LED underwater light, power saving energy efficient upgraded fixtures. We can install new energy efficient variable speed pumps and motors. We can Install GFCI protection on pump and lighting circuits. We work with and offer only top of the line brands like Pentair, Hayward, Jandy and Raypak.

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